McChina Eating is a place defined by our main philosophy mei sik. Translated literally this means beautiful eats and bearing in mind the axiom you are what you eat, the choice of ingredients,preparation and presentation are equally important to us.

Coming to us for a lunch or dinner should feel just as comfortable as having one at home “ the freshness, reasonable pricing of our dishes and family friendly service just underlines how home-like our restaurant is

About Us

McChina was established in 1992 as a small family run Chinese Takeaway. As one of the first to adopt an open kitchen as well as the lawsuit victory over McDonalds, McChina gathered much public and media attention early on.

Not to be distracted from their main focus of serving the simple Cantonese classics well, McChina consistently offered dishes cooked to the highest standards and it is this they have become best known for.

In 2007, McChina expanded its site to include restaurant serving the same recipes in a relaxed family friendly environment renaming itself McChina Eating. With great dedication from a team completely made up of family members, McChina has been branded The Best Kept Secret In Wimbledon and have won awards for Best Takeaway & Delivery Service and Best Family Friendly Restaurant.

So whether you choose to dine in at the restaurant or place a takeaway order, simply choose anything you like from our menu, tell us how you want it and our family team will be happy to create your favourite dishes.

Love Life, Love Food, Love Eating.